Lifestyle Management

Our dedicated and personal lifestyle management service helps you spend more time on the things which matter the most for you - your business projects, your family and your personal interests. We coordinate numerous service providers whose competencies enable you to enjoy the luxury of freedom and luxury by eliminating the day-to-day burden associated with administration and organization. We provide you with access not only to our in-house lifestyle management team, but also to our broad multinational network of experts and organizations.

Available options
Medical Treatment

Our dedicated medical experts will help you find the right treatment, clinic or doctor through our extensive contacts to the best clinics in Europe, North America and Asia. We will take care of transportation, translation and accommodation through the whole period of treatment.


Education is an essential part of the family life. We will help you find a right school or university for your children according to your wishes and will take care of the application process and accommodation. We have strong relationships with major European and North American schools and universities.

Private secretarial functions and administration

This service usually includes secretarial support and monitoring of ongoing payments, mortgages, insurances as well as general estate administration. We help you organize your worldwide meetings, conferences and events.

Real estate search/sale/administration

Real estate often plays an important role in the family relations. We support you in realizing your real estate projects worldwide covering, all legal and tax issues of the sale and purchase process. Bearing in mind sentimental value of the property we support you with professional expertise and an efficient project management.


We assist our clients in yacht/aircraft purchase, financing, registration and leasing. We help with the set up of tax-efficient structures for jets and yachts around the world.

Special events

We provide you with access to special and exclusive events such as car racing, horse racing, film and theater premiers, fashion shows and VIP parties.

Sports (Golf/Polo/Yachting)

Polo, Golf and Yachting gain more and more importance as an important part of the luxury lifestyle. We help you enjoy your favorite sports in a luxury way, both as a visitor or participant.

Family governance

Family governance is an important tool to address concerns often raised about the future of the family. We provide assistance to our clients by implementing family governance rules such as family chart taking in account issues such as family relationships, cultural and religious factors, geography and nationality.


Philanthropy is an important part of modern social life. It helps prepare the next generation for the responsibilities associated with wealth. But philanthropy goes beyond donations to favorite organizations. It involves research, coordination and planning. We help our clients to develop and implement their own philanthropic strategies.

Brokerage of high-value assets

Art is an important part of every family legacy. Pictures, porcelain, coins and other value assets are part of every family history. Besides of this, the art market now exceeds $50B in annual turnover and is still essentially unregulated. Our dedicated specialists help you not only to set up a valuable collection of art, but will also advise you in avoiding fraud and legal complications.


Security of the family is the most important issue and together with highly qualified professionals we help our clients secure their homes and private life.