Our aim is the preservation and long-term growth of your family assets according to your plans and situation. In planning for future developments and requirements, the definition of your current income as well as short and medium term liquidity requirements are the first steps for the creation of your financial future. This plan includes long-term investment goals, tax & legal and retirement. We assess your financial and non-financial assets in regards to your current and future place of residence for hidden risks, tax and legal liabilities. Afterwards we develop solutions on a case-by-case basis. Our structuring services are provided by dedicated and highly experienced professionals who continuously deal with a multitude of family needs and challenges and who have access and knowledge of the variety of solutions.

Structures at your disposal
Trust & Foundations

There are different types of Trusts and Foundations as they are designed to accomplish many things. They can help you manage taxes and protect the interests of the family members. Trusts and Foundations symbolize family ties and they help to reinforce relationships among family members. The concept of trusts and foundations is hundreds of years old and became one of the most effective tax planning instruments.

Offshore/Onshore Investment management and administration

We help you to establish an investment vehicle, designed to your needs. We create a tailor made structure designed to your specific requirements. By the development of the structure we bear in mind hidden risks, tax and legal liabilities. Structures vary from an offshore company to a listed investment fund.

Legal & Tax advice

Together with our specialists, we help you to deal with diversity and complexity of your wealth, businesses and real estate by helping you to avoid many hidden risks connected to legal and fiscal constraints that may arise from jurisdictions where you assets are located. We suggest a clear customized solution that can be implemented within a short timeframe and look after the legal and fiscal issues. Our aim is to ensure your greater control, efficiency and simplicity of the assets.

Risk management on the overall family wealth

By implementing our tailored risk management approach adjusted we ensure that you and your family will remain financially and legally secure. We analyze assets in terms of its risk / return profile and special tax implications. We also proactively identify potential legal risks in all related jurisdictions.

Multi-jurisdictional optimization

We offer advice and support for our clients, taking tax considerations into account by establishing a multi-jurisdictional structure, which helps minimize jurisdictional risks, arising from the concentration of financial and non-financial assets in one jurisdiction.

Succession Plannnig

By the preparation of the business transition from one generation to another, especially in mid-sized and family business, we ensure that your personal goals match the objectives of the succession. We help to design the transition process and make sure that non-financial capital such as education, experience, faith, traditions, values and philanthropy is succeeded as well as financial.

Residential Permits

In our opinion Freedom of travel and free choice of place of residency is an essential need for every person. In a joint assessment we help you to select an optimal solution. We apply for residence permits and organize the transfer of your residence to the country of your choice. We applicable, we also arrange tax agreements with authorities.