Every family is unique and our asset allocation is always tailored to the specific family values, needs and plans. We coordinate the investment management process based on fundamental macroeconomic analysis with the objective of capital preservation, growth and appreciation of the family values in regard to the level of risk the family is prepared to assume. Together with the family we form a dedicated investment committee, which performs a wealth audit and establishes guidelines for the strategic asset allocation.

Our duties cover
Identification of the long-term financial objectives, risk tolerance and cash flow requirements

At the beginning of our cooperation we clarify your expectations, risk profile and cash flow requirements. Afterwards we formulate together the investment strategy and the cash flow plan. If necessary we involve dedicated third parties such as investment managers, banks and tax specialists.

Regular Consolidation of financial and non-financial assets and rebalancing according to ongoing changes

On a regular basis we monitor the ongoing developments and help you to control and optimize your financial and non-financial assets. We help you to get the full picture of your assets and their performance.

Wealth allocation supervision and definition

We monitor your overall portfolio of financial and non-financial assets according to your investment and liquidity requirements. We define and redefine the goals and benchmarks according to the current situation and future plans.

Risk management on the overall family wealth

By implementing our tailored risk management approach adjusted we ensure that you and your family will remain financially and legally secure. We analyze assets in terms of its risk / return profile and special tax implications. We also proactively identify potential legal risks in all related jurisdictions.

Regular analysis of the overall performance and measurement against peers, indexes and benchmarks

We monitor asset managers, banking relationships as well as the billing and performance according to your requirements and specifications for the wealth allocation. Performance standards are adjusted to the family goals and values.

Banking relationships management

We provide selection and supervision of banking relationships, which match the specific family values and needs and manage family banking relationship optimizing cost and coordination. We closely monitor reputation, rating and service quality of the banks you do business with.

Real estate

Real Estate is an important part of the family wealth. Depending on the purpose of the real estate transaction we negotiate and analyze the process for you taking in account your strategic wealth planning as well as cash flow and liquidity requirements. Having access to both -properties on the market and potential purchasers - we perform due diligence on the investment side of the purchase/sale and manage the property.